Mizzou News editor Nate Lyon vanishes again, Sterk questioned

(COLUMBIA, Mo.)–Just days after escaping from a remote cabin in Christian CountyMizzou News editor Nate Lyon has disappeared again, and this time federal investigators fear the worst. While the Federal Bureau Investigation will not comment on the ongoing investigation, sources within the Bureau say investigators are growing increasing concerned that Lyon is in serious danger.

According to one source, “If he’s still alive, it’s only because they still have plans for him. I know we always say we’re working around the clock and exploring every lead, but that’s a bunch of (expletive). If we thought we could help him, we would. We don’t think that. In fact, no matter what you may hear otherwise, we aren’t hopeful. If you see Mr. Lyon again, you’ll probably be wearing a black veil.”

Lyon, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, worked as an investigative reporter for several newspapers prior to founding Mizzou News in what he called at the time, “An attempt to hold accountable the University of Missouri system for both its terrible public relations efforts, and more so, its very successful ones. Also, sideline passes are a great (expletive) perk of the job. No wonder Gabe DeArmond does this crap.”

Since then, the online muckraker has been a thorn in the side of Mizzou officials, especially those in the Athletics Department.

His most recent planned report was meant to expose a family secret long-held by Missouri football’s new Offensive Coordinator, Derek Dooley. As Lyon was working on that report, he said he was kidnapped and held in a Chadwick, Mo. cabin until being rescued by former Mizzou Defensive Coordinator DeMontie Cross.

Lyon suspected Athletic Director Jim Sterk was behind the abduction, but University of Missouri police said they had no evidence to back up Lyon’s claim.

Lyon went missing again Sunday afternoon as he was preparing a report on the Missouri basketball squad’s embarrassing loss to Texas A&M. The last friend who spoke to him said Lyon was in a good mood and said he was going to go easy on the Tigers in his article.

“Honestly, I thought he was planning to go out and get drunk,” Frankie Babcock, Jr., Mizzou News staff writer. “That experience in the cabin changed him in a lot of ways. In fact, I wasn’t sure he hadn’t, you know, found God or something. Or a God that was okay with him getting drunk on a Sunday night. A good and understanding God. You know, one that understands how sacred a Jager Bomb can be.”

FBI agents have returned to Michael Porter Jr’s apartment where Sterk has been organizing the cabinets and washing the bed linens, but investigators refused to say what they discussed. While Mizzou News is privy to what investigators suspect is happening, reporters have been asked to not print what is likely to be behind Lyon’s disappearance.

Said one source, “One thing people always said about Nate Lyon is that he had a strong spine. Put another way, Nate had a very healthy back.”

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