Mizzou considers leasing tailgate space to opponents

Eric Vogelweld literally stumbled on the idea.

During Missouri’s game with Purdue, Vogelweld was walking through an area normally overrun with Mizzou tailgaters.

“There was this six-inch hole in the grass,” Vogelweld explained. “I put my foot right in it. Next thing I know, I’m looking up at a drunk Tri-Delt named in some weird romper. Now, I can’t think of this idea without thinking of her. I’m calling it The Sally Campaign.”

Beyond being clumsy, Vogelweld is also the Assistant Vice President Controller at Mizzou. He’s a money man, and while he’s not normally involved in efforts to pull in non-traditional revenue, he couldn’t let this one go.

“While Sally was helping me stand up, I asked her where the big hole came from,” Voglweld remembered. “She said, ‘Oh, that’s where the Fulkersons used to tailgate. But they gave up right after the South Carolina game. They saw what was coming. I’m jealous of them. They got out while the gettin’ was good.'”

Vogelweld spent an hour counting empty spots in parking lots and fields around the stadium. He stopped when he got to a hundred and started making calls.

He said, “At first, people were like, ‘This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard’ and then ‘Sally? Who the hell is Sally?’ That night, they saw Purdue beat us 35-3, and my phone didn’t stop ringing.”

It’s a bold and potentially very valuable idea. Vogelweld is very close to convincing the University to lease all of its tailgating space to the Tigers’ opponents.

“Think about it. We’d have thousands of Georgia fans here to see their team get a guaranteed win. It’s gold!” he said.

When officials balked and asked about the current Mizzou fans who haven’t joined the Fulkerson-style exodus, Vogelweld laughed. “I’m pretty sure we’re paying those people to be there anyway. They have to be like movie extras. Who else would show up?”

Sally Hammontree, who insists she was just buzzed and had only had four shots of Goldschlager, said she would be happy to serve as the face of The Sally Campaign. “I tried to put my tailgating space on StubHub, but it didn’t sell. So, I’m stuck with it for now. It’s a real shame, you know. It’s amazing how a bad team can ruin a good party.”

Vogelweld said the committee studying The Sally Campaign plans to meet the week after Thanksgiving and Missouri’s season-closer with Arkansas.

“I’m planning on traveling to Fayetteville to begin the marketing,” he said. “It won’t be hard. The Tigers are selling this for me!”

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