About the *

You're here because of the asterisk, aren't you?

That's good. You are the hope for humanity and may be in the 5% of people who have the ability to say, "Now wait just a second here," in a really good Jimmy Stewart voice.

You're right to be skeptical. While some real names and situations may appear on this site, most if not all of what you read will be the news only as we have hopefully imagined it.

If you're disappointed, take heart. So are we. Real life is pretty dull.

Yeah, we are not affiliated with the University of Missouri in any way. Other than our diplomas. And our lifelong fandom. And maybe a really unfortunate incident at Alexander's Steakhouse when we tried to eat the whole thing and then ran sprints around Brady Commons. Milk was a bad choice.

So, yeah. This is a Mizzou parody and a Mizzou spoof site. If there was ever a university that deserved one, it is our beloved Ol' Mizzou. Remember: when everybody lies, everybody is telling the truth.



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