SEC Headlines 12/3/2012

The Bowl Games

1. If Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame squad looks like an SEC team, it’s no accident.  ”For us to move Notre Dame back into a national prominence, we had to begin with our defense.”

2. Nick Saban on Notre Dame: “Defensively, they probably have the best front seven in the country.”

3. Statistical breakdown of Alabama and Notre Dame - Crimson Tide offense averages almost 12 points more per game.

4. Bruce Feldman: “Bama’s biggest edge over Notre Dame won’t be size or strength, it’ll be experience.”

5. Georgia’s headed to the Capital One Bowl against Nebraska, but the bitterness lingers: Georgia A.D. Greg McGarity: “There’s absolutely no question that we are deserving of a BCS bid, and Florida finished third, and by way of them finishing third in the BCS, that locked out us, without any further discussion.”

6. Only two teams per conference in BCS bowls.  Kirk Herbstreit: “Who came up with this rule?” (BCS cap on conferences will come off when college football goes to the playoff system following the 2014 season.)

7. The Coaches’ Poll factors into the BCS calculations.  Steve Spurrier says he votes differently when his name is on the ballot.  ”If it was anonymous, I would have changed it a little bit, to be honest with you.” James Franklin’s ballot.

8. Texas A&M and Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl – best bowl outside of the BCS games?

9. Seven Heisman winners have played in the Cotton Bowl the year they won the award.  Johnny Manziel could be the eighth.

10. Florida will face their old defensive coordinator in Louisville coach Charlie Strong.  Will Muschamp: “He’s one of the good guys in this profession.”

11. LSU is back in the Chik-fil-A Bowl, where it played  in 2000, 2005, and 2008. They won all three.

12. Mississippi State will face Northwestern in the Gator Bowl and head coaches Dan Mullen and Pat Fitzgerald have known each other for years.  “Dan’s one of those guys that I’m going to reach out to and do some research and just bounce some ideas off of.”

13. With Ole Miss headed to the Compass Bowl against Pittsburgh, Rebels coach Hugh Freeze conducted his Sunday night teleconference from a recruit’s home.

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